Quality marks

Quality institutes and patient associations award quality marks to provide an insight into the quality of the treatments provided. HMC has acquired various quality marks and certificates. Some quality marks apply to the entire hospital, others have been awarded for a specific specialism.



HMC achieved the NIAZ accreditation again in 2016. NIAZ is the Dutch Institute for Accreditation in Care, which assesses our hospital once every 4 years. The NIAZ accreditation means the procedures in our hospital contribute to safe and good quality care. It demonstrates the fact that we are constantly involved with improving the quality and safety of our care.

For more information, please visit the NIAZ website.

Groen vinkje lymfeklierkankerzorg

Lymphoma cancer care check mark

HMC was awarded the green check mark for blood and lymphoma cancer care by the Dutch Federation of Cancer Patient Organisations (NFK). This means we satisfy a minimum of 12 conditions drawn up by several patient associations. These include, for example, the care path, the communication between the doctor and patient and the personal guidance.

For more information, please visit the NFK website.

WHO/UNICEF borstvoedingscertificaat

WHO/UNICEF breastfeeding certificate

HMC Bronovo was awarded the WHO/UNICEF certificate from the Care for Breastfeeding Association again in 2016. This means HMC Bronovo satisfies the internationally set ’10 rules of thumb for breastfeeding’. Pregnant women and mothers who have recently given birth can therefore rely on the best possible assistance during breastfeeding.

For more information, please visit the Care for Breastfeeding Association website.

Freya Pluim

Freya Award for Fertility Care

HMC was awarded the Freya Award for fertility care by the Freya patients association again in 2016. This means our fertility treatment optimally satisfies the wishes and requirements of people with fertility problems. Freya members have compiled the criteria for the award.

For more information, please visit the Freya website.

TMS Top Sport Medical Collaboration

HMC has been certified as “Top Sport Medical Collaboration” (TMS). This is a quality mark awarded by the Federation of Sport Medical Institutions.

All top athletes with A and B status must be treated by a TMS organisation recognised by the NOC*NSF. A TMS is an extensive sport medical institution with a sports physician, sports physiotherapists and an extensive network of (para)medics. Within HMC agreements have been entered into with other specialisms about the provision of top quality care.